Currently share market is well known to all. It is known that the economic stability and prosperity of a country depend on the condition of her share market. There are two stock exchanges in Bangladesh.

They are:-
      1. Dhaka Stock Exchange
2. Chittagong Stock Exchange

There are many brokerage houses are now operating in our country to help investors.

If you want to be a good investor and want to earn money from share market you must oblige the
following themes:-

1. If you have enough money in idles than invest it in share market. Because invest in share market is good for economy and no religion theory forbid us to invest in share market.

2. Never sell your valuable property only to invest in share market.

3. If you are not well educated about our share market than only invest in primary share of reputed companies and don’t take risk anyway.

4. Try to attend in seminars which are conducted by stock exchanges to teach investors about the current condition and investment policy of share market.

5. Discuss with educated and experienced people to learn about share market.

6. Read newspapers, books, etc to learn yourself about share market.

7. Try to collect the financial statement of desirable companies and learn about the financial condition of the companies.

8. Invest in Secondary market very meticulously when you have confident that you know well about the secondary market.

9. Never and Never invest only hear the rumor or fake information about the condition of various companies. Many evil people make rumor to plunder the hard earned money of small investors.

10. Always keep it mind that invest in share market is like invest in other risky business. Nobody can earn money here only by luck.

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