Here, we have discussed only the brief subjects that are needed before you apply for  the 33th BCS exam and process of online form fill up system. We always suggest you to meticulously see the 33th BCS exam circulation that has provided by BPSC.

From the 33th BCS exam Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) has decided to submit application on online system.They have taken the decision to reduce the cumbersome and lengthy process of BCS recruit process.

The link to submit your form is here ONLINE FORM FILL UP

Again see the circular and instruction for submit form and fill up the form very cautiously.


In the 29th BCS exam, forms of 4000 candidates have rejected only for failure to rightly fill up the form. Even 290 candidates have failed to attend written exams only for failure to rightly fill up the form, although they had passed the preliminary exam.

# Always remember that it is the first important qualification of a candidate to rightly fill up the form or CV. The employers think that if a candidate does not know how to rightly fill up a form so how he can be able to do job.

# First of all, you should make your cadre choices. It is the most important subject. You can not be able to change your cadre choices after you submit your BPSC form-1 to PSC. If you pass in the preliminary exam then PSC will provide you BPSC form-2. If your cadre choices are different in the two forms, then PSC will receive the choices of BPSC form-1. So, select your cadre choices before you start to fill up the form. You can discuss with your parents and top class public and private employees who can give you guideline to select your cadre choices. But never discuss with such people who do not know well about the functions and facilities of different cadres. But your self intuition and intelligence is the ultimate factors to select the cadre choices. So take few days to select the cadre choices.


# You keep at least 1 hours to fill up the form when you can concentrate 100%.

# Keep the 33th BCS job circulation and instruction module beside your computer when fill up the form. These two valuable sheets are the exclusive directors to fill the form. We will only help you to realize the directions. First of all, meticulously and thoroughly read the directions of the two sheets.


# At first ready your scanned photo and signature according to the direction of circular.You have to use this signature in the whole process of 33th BCS exam.

# You should use speedy internet service as you can for easily submit your form. Weak internet speed can hamper your form submit process.



# Appeared candidates must keep the main copy of appeared certificate for the viva board. No viva will taken without it although by the time their main certificate is given. DON'T FORGET IT.

# You must keep a copy of cadre choices and other important matters of the filled form. Otherwise you may suffer in the time of fill upping BPSC Form -2 and VIVA and other occasions.

 Submit your form as soon as possible and start study seriously.

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