We know that you have already faced a lot of exams in your educational life. But there are many new problems you will face in BCS exams. In our previous BCS exams both in preliminary and written exams, we have faced a lot of new problems that have caused severe harms to us. If we know the problems before the exams we would cautious more.


In your BCS exams the following problems you have to solve before the exams:-

# You have to very cautiously fill up your registration number with black ball pen. If you make mistake then you have to suffer a lot both mentally and practically. So at first it is better to fill up the circles with a pencil. The best way is you can firstly draw a meager tic like     in the stipulated circles and then revise it and at last fill up it with pen.

# It is fruitless to question the guard teachers about any wrong question. In 28th BCS written exam there were some mistakes in Mental Ability question and in 29th BCS written exam there was a mistake in Math question. But the guard teachers could not give us any decision. They are designated only to guard and care take about the exam hall and its student. PSC has the exclusive power to solve any confusion of any question. So if there is any mistakes in the question then try to answer alternative question. If the question is compulsory then wait till last few minutes of the exam hour if any correction come from PSC ( In the aforesaid situations as far we know in 28th BCS - PSC did not provides any correction and in 29th BCS - in few exam hall, correction came at the very last time and other halls did not get any correction ). Otherwise use your intuition and self-intelligence. But never waste your time by nagging with teachers.


# In the written exams if you have to go toilet in the middle time of 3 hours exam then it is best to go there as soon as the 1 hour bell ring. Because teachers do not let you go to toilet before 1 hour. But after 1.30 hours the toilets normally have long queue. So you cannot be able to get chance to enter toilet. Many dishonest students do not back from toilet within necessary time. So if the teachers get angry they may be not given you permission to go to toilet after such incidents.

# See meticulously in the question paper that how many questions you have to answer. In 28th and 29th  BCS exam in Bengali -I exam we had to answer both the precises. We mean both Sarangsa and Sarmarma. But many candidates answered only one for their careless. Moreover many students answered only 5 questions in stead of 6 in International Knowledge part.

# It is better not to bring books or notes in exam hall. And if you bring mobile phone in exam hall you have to suffer mental headache. The officials of PSC may harass you for bring mobile in the hall.

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