The following information has written here according to the current rules of Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC).

There are 3 Successive stages in the BCS examination.

1. Preliminary Examination:-

This examination is a screening test. Actually by this exam, PSC reduced the number of candidates who will be eligible to attend the written exam.

There is no syllabus for preliminary exam. The syllabus that given to you when you buy the BCS form is for written exam. But most of the questions are made from the syllabus of written exam syllabus.

There is no specific pattern of topics for preliminary exam. But normally:-

1. Bangla -20

2. English -20

3. Bangladesh affairs -20

4. International affairs -20

5. Science -10

6. Math and analytical ability -10

# Total -100

But in the 28th and 29th preliminary exam the number of Bangladesh and International affairs have reduced significantly. On the other hand, the number of English, Science and analytical ability have increased. So it seems that the next BCS preliminary exam will follow the format of 29th and 30th BCS.


Collect the past BCS preliminary exam questions including 28th and 29th BCS.

2. Written Examination:


The total number for general cadre is 900.

The total number for subject/ technical cadre is 200.

The Minimum average qualifying marks shall be 50%. A candidate securing  less than 25% marks in any subject shall be deemed to have secured no marks in that subject. If anybody fail in achieve 25 or more in any course than no number will include from this course. Nonetheless, he will be eligible for viva if his average number is more than 50%.


3. Viva Voce Examination:

Total number of Viva is 100.

Each successful candidate after the written examination shall be interviewed by a  board to be constituted by the commission in this behalf. The minimum qualifying marks for the viva is 40%.

Final Merit Tabulation:

Final merit list is prepared on the basis of written and viva marks of the successful candidates.

Quota Distribution:

The Quota is distributed on the basis of final merit list, quota reserved for matching the choice of the candidates and the availability.

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