#  Md Muzammel Hossain is the 20th and current chief Justice of Bangladesh.

#  Brigadier General Jamil Uddin has honored as “Bir Uttam” (After Death) on 15th April, 2010.

#  Currently in Bangladesh, Total Thana- 624

                                             Upazilla- 484

                                                        Poursova- 310. Last –  Lohagara, Narail.

#  Currently total Thana of Dhaka city is 41. The 41th Thana of Dhaka is Gandaria.

#   World corruption index by Transparency International, 2011 -

    Most corrupted – 1. Somalia, Bangladesh (13).

    Less corrupted – New Zealand.

#  Now Chittagong division is the biggest division of Bangladesh.

#  New City Corporation is Comilla and Narayanganj. Currently there are 9 City Corporations.



#  In Bangladesh, current Minister-25 and Total Minister - 43

             Women minister- 6

             Women MP- 64

# Women seat in parliament is currently 50.

#  Current ARMY chief of Bangladesh – Major General Abdul Mubin.

# By 15th Amendment caretaker govt has been removed from constitution on 30.06.12.


#  In Bangladesh, current University -34

                                       Medical -19

# According to current regulation, Islamic University controls the Fazil and Kamil madrasas and  give certificates to the students of Fazil and Kamil.

# Current UGC chairman is Dr. A.K Azad Chowdhury.

# According to economic census 2011 -

   The literate rate of Bangladesh is 56.7.


#  According to the Bangladesh child law, 2010 the people aged under 18 will be detected as child.

# According to economic census 2011 -

   Currently the population of our country is 14 crore and 79 lacs.

   The rate of population increase is 1.36%

   Population in per square km is 993

# Bangladesh is the 8th in population in the world and 4th in Muslim world.

# There are 59 lac Bangladeshi are working in various countries.



#  Almost 3000 people are dying every year for arsenic related pollution and disease.

#  Researchers said that the non-flooded lands are more vulnerable for arsenic pollution. So Boro rice contain more arsenic.

#  Boro contribute 60% of total rice production of Bangladesh.

#  Rice production of Bangladesh-Rain dependent Aous and Aman-40%

                                                  Costly  Irrigation dependent Boro-60%

So government is taking action to increase aous and aman production. Boro production need irrigation which creates arsenic pollution. Late monsoon and erratic rain because of climate change and sea level increasing is the reason of decreasing aman rice production.

#  Government scientists have invented early harvesting rice BRRI-33 and BINA-7 to avoid monga.

#  They also invented BRRI-47 which can grow in salinity water. They also trying to invent waterproof rice which can live in flood water.

#  The most Arsenic polluted district of Bangladesh is Chandpur. There, the concentration of Arsenic is 3.5 mg/L.

#  Bangladesh has achieved gold medal for success in MDG-4 – Reduce the death rate of child.

#  Bangladesh is 6th to on the basis of achieving MDG-1.

#  Currently maternal leave is 6 months.


#  Per capita per year carbon emission of the world is 6 tons.

The people of Bangladesh average emits 0.3 tons CO2 per year.

#  If at the current rate the greenhouse gas increase, the average temperature of the world will increase up to 4 degree centigrade by the end of this century.

#  Current years the global average sea level is rising about 3 mm per year.

#  The most carbon emitter country –

1.      China

2.      USA

#  UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

#  On the basis of Environmental Performance Index (EPI) in 2010. The ranking is-

   1. Iceland.

#  Many countries will suffer for climate change. But 90% of them are poor countries.


Bangladesh will be most severely affected country of the world for climate change. Maldives and such low island countries, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc will come after Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is facing the risk of losing of its 17 percent land and displacement of 20 million people due to climate change.

#  Firstly the position of Bangladesh is in deltaic region, where the sea is funnel shaped, making it susceptible to sea surge and cyclones.

#  Infections like malaria, dengue, etc will rise for hot climate.

#  Crop production will decrease by 30% in 2050 in Bangladesh.

#  High temperature will create variable precipitation, extreme weather, severe drought and intrusion of saline water in more arable land.

#  Winter season is shrinking, autumn and dewy seasons are vanishing. These disappearing seasons will also affect the cropping pattern. Drought and floods will affect crop production.

# Bangladesh government has approved 134 climate change action plans. To meet the costs government has established a US $100 million climate change fund; and also a multi-donor trust fund with US $150 million from friend countries.

# Bangladesh has already started some self-preservation programs for adaptation to climate change. The measures are:

1.      Dredging of major rivers

2.      Land reclamation

3.      Homesteads for displaced people

4.      Introduction of climate change-tolerant crop varieties and protection of biodiversity.

# According to the “Brussels Program of Action" – The developed countries will provide 0.7 percent of their GNI for developing countries and 0.2 percent for LDCs through ODA (Official Development Assistance).

# In 1979 aid to agriculture was 18 percent of the global official development assistance that declined to 4.3 percent in 2008 when the world saw one of the worst food crises in recent history. Government investment in agriculture in developing countries also fell during this period; by one third in Africa and by as much as two thirds in Asia and Latin America.

# The government is designing a long-term strategic plan to turn the southern coastal belt into a major rice producing region. The authorities are considering the issues of increasing salinity in the southern coastal districts that might take a serious turn due to sea level rise in future.

# They also designing the plan to turn water-scarce northern districts into high value crops zone during dry season. The headache is fall of underground water table in the northern region during dry season.

# The country has 82.9 lakh hectares of cultivated land, and 3.23 lakh hectares of arable land remain fallow round the year.

# Bangladesh produces three crore tonnes of rice in a year. 60% is boro rice which is produced in dry season in the northern and north-western regions. But excessive withdrawal of underground water for irrigation and shortage of river water are causing desertification in many areas of the region. Soil in these regions is also good for production of high value crops like wheat, pulses, oil seeds and spices, but these cannot be grown widely because of boro cultivation in vast tracts of lands.

# The country is almost self-sufficient in rice but is highly dependent on import of most other high value crops. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the country produced 8.5 lakh tonnes of wheat in fiscal 2008-09, which met 30 percent of the domestic demand. And it produced 2.31 lakh tonnes of pulses that met 40 percent of the demand and five lakh tonnes of oil seeds meeting a small portion of the demand. The country is also heavily dependent on import of onion, ginger, garlic, sugar and fruits.

# There are about 700 rivers in our country.

# The flow of water on the Teesta has weakened significantly in last 24 years for Gajoldoba barrage and some dams built by India in the river’s upper basin. Now the flow of water comes down less than 1000 cubic feet per second.

# Teesta river originated from Cholamo Lake of the Himalays.



# The biggest solar power of Bangladesh has built up in Sandip which has capacity to produce 100 KW off grid power.

# New invented gas structure is found between Sunamgonj and Netrocona named "SUNETRO"

# There are 24 gas fields in our country. Currently 18 gas fields and 79 KUP are in production.

# Yet not in production is Begumgonj, Kutubdia and Semutang.

# Production in hold is Chatok and Kamta.

# Total gas found 20.6 TCF. Already consumed 9.4 TCF. Remain 11.1 TCF.

# Currently electricity production per head of Bangladesh is 236 KWH.

# Newly found 24th gas field of Bangladesh is Sundolpur (Shahgadpur),Noakhali.


# According to human development report, 2010 –

-         Bangladesh- 129th.

-         Most income per head – Lichtenstein.

-         Least income per head – Zimbabwe.

-         Most educated – Estonia and Latvia -99.8 %.

# 16th land port of Bangladesh is Ramgar (Khagrachari).

# Highest tax payer of Bangladesh in 2009-10 –Grameen Phone.

# The first woman director of Bangladesh Bank is Hannana Begum.

# The fifth specialized bank of Bangladesh is Probasi Kalyan bank.

# The per head GNI of Bangladesh is now 751 dollars.

# Contribution in GDP 1. Agriculture but singly is garments.

# Most poor division of Bangladesh is Barisal.

# The government is planning to build the country's third seaport and a dockyard at the estuaries of Ramnabad and Andarmanik rivers at Kalapara of

Bangladesh and Russia signed a five-year framework agreement on cooperation for the peaceful use of nuclear energy to make ways for nuclear power plants to meet the growing power demand in the country. A high-level delegation from Russia will visit Bangladesh soon to take forward next steps in implementing the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Project. Bangladesh side requested the Russian authorities to assist in establishing two nuclear reactors with the capacity of 1,000 megawatt each.

# 2008-09- Export of Bangladesh is 97.5 thousand crore taka.

# Bangladesh has economic relation with 179 countries.

# Currently Bangladesh is exporting medicine in 86 countries. Bangladesh will get privilege to export medicine in developed countries till 2012.

# TRIPS-Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. The signatory of this pact must oblige the rules of Bern Convention. Bangladesh is a member of these treaty.

# Bangladesh Development Bank has embarked by merging Shilpa Bank and Shilpa Rin Sangstha. Its purpose to help industrialization.

# Bangladesh has exported 171 items to 189 countries in fiscal year 2008-09.

# (1.Garments 2. frozen foods 3. jute goods 4. leather products 5. chemical products) are 87%.

# This year rice production is more than 3 crore ton which is three times greater than 1971.

# Indian economy is 12 times bigger than Bangladesh.

# Currently the reserve of foreign currency of Bangladesh Bank is 1032 crore dollar.

# Remittance of 2009 is 10.7 billion dollars.

# Bangladesh is the 7th country on the basis of foreign currency earner.

# According to economic report, 2011 per head GNP of Bangladesh is 818 dollar.

# 80% income of Bangladesh govt are from revenue.

# Contribution in our economy-

   1. - 49.72

   2. Industrial - 30.33

   1. Agriculture - 19.95

# Active people in agriculture - 43.6%.

# Production of food in 2010-11 is 3.71 crore ton.

# Imported food in 2010-11 is 31.43 crore ton.

# Currently total commercial bank in Bangladesh is 57.

BUDGET FY 2011-12

# The national budget for the upcoming financial year is Tk 1,63,589 crore which is 18.2 per cent of the proposed Gross Domestic Product (GDP) worth Tk 8,99,670 crore.

# Its allocation for Annual Development Programme (ADP) is Tk 46,000 crore.

# Highest allocation for Public Administration - 14.6 & Education - 12.4 percent.

# Rate of GDP increment is 7% & inflammation is 7.5%

#  First PPP project of Bangladesh is Jatrabari- Gulistan flyover.

# Calculation for tax payers

    0,00,000 - 1,80,000—0%

   1,80,001 - 4,80,000—10%

   4,80,001 - 8,80,000—15%

   8,80,001 - 11,80,000—20%

   More than 11,80,000—25%

# Tax free for women and older person is 2,00,000 and difficulty people is 2,50,000.

# From 2011-12 budget 10% extra tax on assets has made up for the people who have assets more than 2 crore taka.

# Foreign investment in Bangladesh, 2010-

   Total foreign investment – 71 crore 60 lac dollar.

   UK is the highest investor with 8 crore 80 lac dollar.

   Highest investment in banking sector.


# South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) countries -- Bangladesh, India Nepal and Bhutan.

# The permanent envoy of Bangladesh in UN is Dr. Abdul Momen.

# Permanent envoy in Geneva is Abdul Hannan

   Minister of Permanent mission in UN is Momtajuddin Ahmed.

# Currently one Bangladeshi has elected as a member of CEDAW – Ismat Jahan.

# Currently, Bangladesh has embassy in 47 countries.

# TICFA-Trade and Investment Co-operation Framework Agreement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              # Till 2010, 113 countries has accepted the independence of Bangladesh. Last in 1985 – Brunei.

# Currently, the envoy of World Bank in Bangladesh is Alen Goldstain.


1.      Initiate in 1988.

2.      Has sent till now 82,966

3.      Served 63 missions

4.      92 died and injured 106

5.      currently total-9549---- army-8082 and police-1372 in duty in 12 countries.

# Currently UN has 19 peace missions.

#  According to deployment of Army and Police in UN missions. The ranking-

1.      Bangladesh -10,574.

2.      Pakinstan

# SAARC Agricultural Information Centre (SAIC)- Dhaka

# SAARC Meteorological Research Centre (SMRC)- Dhaka

# SAARC Development Fund (SDF)- Thimpu, Bhutan

# SAARC Disaster Management Centre (SDMC)- Naya Delhi, India.

# SAARC University- Naya Delhi, India.

# Ahmed Salem of Maldives is the SAARC secretary general.

# First secretary general of SAARC was Abul Ahsan(Bangladesh)

# First chairman of SAARC was Hossain Mohammad Ershad(Bangladesh)

# Current chairman of SAARC is Zigme Y. Thinle(Bhutan) till the next SAARC summit.

# The 18th SAARC summit, 2011 will organize in Kathmundu,Nepal.


# Bangladesh has 51 chitmohol inside India.


# 12th SA Games will organize in India.

# World T20 cricket, 2012 will held in Sri Lanka and 2014 in Bangladesh.


# Global Peace Index –

Bangladesh – 87

First – Newzealand

Last- Iraq

# International Mother Language Institute (IMLI) is situated in Kakrail, Dhaka.

# Dr. Maksudul Alam is the leader of the team who invented the Life code of genom of jute.

# Current ranking of language-

1.      Chinese

2.      Spanish

3.      English

6.   Bangla

# National tree of Bangladesh is Mango.

# First Ediopolis City of Asia is Barisal.

# 2nd Himalaya conqueror of Bangladesh is M.A.Muhit.




# Obama has leave the plan to build missile shield in Poland and Czech Republic but planning to built ballistic missile defense by other ways and other places. But Russia has declared that they would built new offensive weapons to counter it.

# Current president of African Union is Bingu Wa Mutharika.(Country- Malaby)

# Currently there are 54 * (Star) in the map of African Union. That means its current members are 54.

# Currently the most forestry country is Russia.

# The presidency of G-77 depend on the place of summit. 

# Jundallah is a Sunni insurgent group which says it's fighting for equal rights for the Sunni minority in southeast Iran.

# 16th NAM summit,2012 will be organized in Ispahan, Iran.

# Current and 8th Secretary General of Arab League is Nabil Al Arabi.

# Croatia will get the 28th membership of EU from 1st July, 2013.

# South Sudan is the 195th country of UN.

# Current president of OIC is Maki Sal (Senegal)


# New IMF head is Cristina Lagard of France.

# New World Bank president is Jim Young Kim (South Korea)

# Current LDC - 48 - Maldives has relieved from this on 1st January, 2011.

# Ranking of remittance receiver country-

1. India

2. China.


# Currently the most rich president/king of any state is King Vhumibal of Thailand.

# South Korea is the no. 1 country on the basis of building ship.

# The highest loan taker from IDA –

1.      Nigeria

# From 1st Janury, 2011 Estonia will use Euro as their currency as 17th country.

# Currently China is the second economic power of the world.

# China’s economy is three times bigger than India.

# China is the number one exporter of the world.

# Currently China has the most monetary/money reservoir of the world.

# Currently most rich people of the world is Carlos Slim.

# The most debt taking countries from IMF and World Bank – Ranking -

1. USA

On the basis of per head Monaco is in first position.

# According to United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs, currently, the poorest country of the world is Liberia


# Current prime minister of Palestine is Salam Faed. President – Abbas.

# The middle east peace envoy of USA is George Michel.

# US peace envoy in Afganistan is Richard Hallbroke.

# New name of OIC is Organization of Islamic Co-operation.


# The country that allots most money for military sector is USA. Second- China.

# The country that exports most military equipment is USA.

# The country that imports most military equipment is China.

# Russia has 2800 atom bombs and USA has 2200 atom bombs.

# The 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) between USA and Russia expired in December.

# USA and Russia have signed the new START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). It was first signed in 1991.


# The main revolution group of Darfur of Sudan is “ Justice and Equality Movement (GEM)”.


# “Red Shirts” are the protesters, loyal to deposed premier of Thiland, Thaksin Shinawatra. "Yellow shirts" are his dissidents.

# Blue revolution had occurred first in Tunisia.

# China and India fought in 1962 in which China virtually won. 

# World’s 195th independent country is South Sudan. The problem prone area is Abei.

# New defence minister of USA is Leon Panetra.


# Birendror Shewag is now the highest run taker of one innings of one day match. He 219 run.

# Spain is the first European country which has won world cup outside of Europe.

# Currently the president of Asian Cricket Council is A. H. M. Mostafa Kamal.

# 16th Asian games will organized in Guangju city of Chaina.

# World cup cricket, 2015 will held in Australia and New Zealand.

# World cup football, 2014 will held in Brazil.


# Currently the best city of the world for living is Vancouver (Canada)

# According to the current research, the most rain precipitated area is Mawsynram, 20 miles near of Cherapunji.

# Buddhism is the national religion of Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia.

# Currently, the increasing rate of population is most in Katar.

# Julia Gilard is the first woman prime minister of Australia.

# The most failed country is Somalia in 2010.

# In 2010 – Person of the year – Zukarburg.

# Wikileaks is a Swedish news site which has leaked US documents.

   Editor- Julian Assange (Australian)


# Currently the biggest watch is Mocca clock ( Saudia Arab).




# Co2 dissolved in water and made acid. And this acid pollutes water and creates various problems. Example: destroy coral reef.

# Biofuel has polluted environment in two ways.

1. Companies are destroying forests to cultivate maize, palm, sugarcane, etc.

2. Biofuel caused more pollution than natural hydrocarbon.

# Maize, Soya and sugarcane are used to produce biofuel.

# The complete fission of 1kg U-2358 = 25 lakh kgs coal. There are 520 nuclear power reactors in 37 countries. 17% of total power is produced by nuclear.

# 1 pound Uranium produces 20,000 times more electricity than one liter of gas or oil.

# France produce 77% electricity of her total by nuclear.

# VOIP - Voice over internet protocol.  

   VSAT- Very small aperture terminal.

# VOIP is such a technology by which IP telephony provides an option to make voice calls through internet protocol. The technology uses internet protocol’s packet-switched connection to exchange voice, fax and other forms of information services. Using the internet, calls travel as packets of data on shared lines, avoiding the public switched telephony tolls.

# LED- light emitting diodes. It made from two layers of semiconductor.  The conventional light use only 5 percent of electricity. They average use for around 1000 hours. But LED bulb use 80 percent electricity. Its working hours is 50000 hours.

# Government would give for free 15 million pieces of Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) next year. A CFL uses up to one-fifth power required by a conventional light bulb of same illumination capacity. By this we could be able to save 200 MW of power.

# LCD monitor consume only 5 watt power.

# LNG- Liquefied Natural Gas.

# Ethofen and Calcium Carbide is used for ripe fruit.

# Abbreviation of CFL is Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

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