Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the most useful and urgent degree for the job seekers of Bangladesh and the whole world. So it is now almost imperative for the normal degree holders to obtain a  useful  MBA from  any kind of  university.

If you see the job market,  you  can  realize that  MBA  degree holders of  Institute of Business Administration (IBA) of Dhaka University are in the most prominent positions of various lucrative and honorable companies,banks, etc.

If you desperately want to be  a  banker  than MBM degree of Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) is mostly suitable for you.

EMBA of Dhaka University, MBA of North South University, Independent University, East-West University, etc are also carried value in Job market.

If you are very busy than you can obtain MBA from
Bangladesh Open University.

You also can obtain  foreign MBA through
online but meticulously look their demand in our job market.


Meticulously see the last date of submission of your application of MBA admission/ admission date/ viva schedule. Submit the admission application as soon as possible to avoid misfortune.




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